News 2014

Cover photo

  New deep sea book from Erich Hoyt out! – With Solvins photo on the cover…

GEO magazine, No. 08/2014

  GEO magazine (German issue No. 08/2014) published my pictures about the Sargasso sea ecosystem. Thanks to the crew from ‪Corwith Cramer‬ and the students from the ‪SEASemester‬ for all your help and support!

GEO magazine, No. 08/2014

  GEO magazine, German issue No. 08/2014, publishes Solvin’s images about the ecosystem Namib desert – (‘Manche mögen’s extraheiß ’) GEO veröffentlicht in der Ausgabe 08/2014 Solvins Bilder über die Artenvielfalt der Namib – (‘Manche mögen’s extraheiß ’).

TV Interview

  In the TV show “Mein Nachmittag” (NDR) Solvin spoke about nature photography. In der Fernsehsendung “Mein Nachmittag” (NDR) sprach Solvin über Naturfotografie unter Wasser.