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GEOinternational 06/09

24.05.2009 In issue 06/09 GEOinternational published Solvin’s story on the Namib Desert.

Deep sea plankton wins at POYi

Solvin won an award in the 65th annual Pictures of the Year International photojournalism competition. The photo of a deep-water decapod Sergestes lava resived a ‘Award of Excellence’ in the ‘SCIENCE/NATURAL HISTORY’ category. The image is part of a story on deep sea plankton for GEO.

Best GEO-Photo of the Year 2007

Solvin’s picture of a lady beetle on a dandelion clock is the winning image in a reader voting on It was rated to be the best GEO-Photo of the Year 2007 – the previous vote in 2001 was also won by Solvin with his photo of a black macaque looking into a discarded mirror. […]